Villa Renovation


Your Builder have been renovating heritage villas in Auckland for more than 25 years. Our clients tell us that we are probably the most trusted villa renovation specialists in the area. The truth is that we are passionate about villa renovation. Especially about preserving the heritage nature of many Auckland villas. So much so, that we have focused our expertise on them. Whenever there has been the need to make a choice we have chosen villa renovations in Auckland over any other kind of work.

As well as many years of personal experience we have put together a team of well-versed villa renovations builders. This team is able to take on large villa renovation projects. As well as this we are readily available to for small renovation projects. Size is not the measure – quality workmanship is.


Villa renovation in Auckland can be a bit tricky. It’s the distinct architecture and the absence of building codes when they were first built that is to blame. However, our professionals are up to the challenge and assure you of highly satisfactory results. Many owners love to preserve the original villa while at the same time perfectly fusing modern architectural design (and extensions). As a result it creates and exciting and liveable new age villa. This brings the magnificent Auckland villas into a new era.

As the homeowner and decision maker we take the time necessary to hear your preferences. Therefore we work closely with you to ensure that the project meets your requirements.

Furthermore, villa renovation Auckland can be an “invasion” of your home. So it is very important to us that we both understand exactly what is needed and what should be avoided during the renovation project. This eliminates communication misunderstandings and makes your villa renovation as enjoyable as possible.

Our experts are willing to assess your ‘yet-to-be-renovated’ Auckland villa and give you an approximate time and price estimate.

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