Project Management

Building and Construction Project Management in Auckland

Now I could tell you about how brilliant we have always have been with project management but that simply wouldn’t be the truth. The truth is, previously we possibly represented your typical building company, passionate about building but less than admirable when it comes to organising what I know now, are the fundamentals of any project.

Through educating our shelves and being determine to offer the best service for our customers, we now can offer the very best project management.

The key fundamentals to managing a building project are:
  • Cost
  • Timelines
  • Communication
  • Trade management
  • Materials

A motivated and experienced team is a key to managing a project well. Good rapport with council and a large network of like-minded professionals built up over years is a key part of delivering a fantastic job.

We are constantly looking for better ways to systemize management to eliminate uncertainty and doubt for our customers. That’s why, we are really excited to implement a 24/7 cloud based communication hub for the builder, client and sub-contractors to communicate through. We make communication of your project effortless.


Access all your renovation information in one place, anytime.
Emails, photos, drawings, schedule and a up to date project cost including all the variations as they happen.


View this information at ease from any smartphone, iPad laptop or computer 24/7. No more lost emails, no more unanswered questions, or he said, she said.
Cost variations approved by you, online before the work gets done.


The new generation is here and we believe we must take advantage of the tools available today to provide a leading edge service. Eliminate any doubt and unnecessary stress.

We’re really proud of this client friendly management hub, so much so that we guarantee you’ll love it too. View our video demonstration below for more information or fill in the consultation form to see how we can help you on your next project.