New Zealand has always been a big DIY country and as a boy it ignited a passion to work with a hammer and nails. Being exposed to the “can do, will do” attitude from my early farming days, has also played a strong part. Here I am 23 years later and still love to build.

Home Renovation Auckland

With immigration at its all-time high and the lack of housing which only looks to be getting worse, the new licensing building practitioners’ scheme has come at a time that couldn’t be better.

Renovating your existing bathrooms or complete house is becoming more and more a likely option. The chance to add an extension, renovate or alter your existing home can be wonderful when you have the right help. There is nothing more rewarding than renovating a home with a family or couple and nailing it!



Mount Roskil Renovation Project

Renovating often poses a lot of additional factors that need to be considered. Will the house be vacant or occupied? Is there propping involved? Will the water, gas and the electrical connection need to stay connected during the renovation. Will temporary services need to be installed? Will there be children occupying the site, if so, then a stringent safety plan could be involved. The list goes on and on.

For me, one of the most important thing is to connect with the family that home is for and do so on a regular basis. Walk through the house as the project progresses, keep communication open and the flexibility to make those last minute changes.

renovation services
renovation services
renovation services




It’s essential that a clear budget and schedule is set from the start if the journey you embark on will be a successful one. At Your Builder we are passionate about building and providing these services which gives the foundation one needs to enjoy the renovation journey.

At Your Builder Ltd, we have witnessed the evolution, which has gradually taken place for over 20 years, in renovation industry, and we have been flexible to align ourselves according to the advancing renovation trends. We are accredited as one of the best home renovation builders in Auckland, executing renovations for all types of residential properties, including apartments, villas, etc.

Home Renovation Services in Auckland

The key to successful renovation boils down to understanding clients’ needs so as to incorporate suitable ways to coincide with the desired outcomes. We at Your Builder Ltd work closely not only with other tradesmen involved in the job but also stay in consistent touch with the client for suggestions.

With Your Builder Ltd, there are endless possibilities for your home renovation project, where each possibility is distinct and impressive in all respects. We’d be more than happy to recommend a specific strategy for your house renovation, while our Auckland renovation specialists make the envisaged design layout a reality.

It’s the wide experience and unmatched skills that have put Your Builder Ltd in a position to take up any renovation project in Auckland, whether big or small. We are confident, zealous and willing to undertake and accomplish the given job within the time and budget constraints.

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