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We at Your Builder love beautiful designed homes. Architecturally interesting houses is something we know is special.

Building a home or renovating is a journey and can be a fantastic one, with a great architect. Architects often represents the first part of the building journey and they have a lot to create, manage and achieve before we can even start building. I have to be honest, when we meet a client excited about their home plans after the drafting and consenting stage, then we know the architect involved is one of the special ones. One who believes, in how the journey can be. This is exciting for us to see.

The more complex the project, the more dependent the builder and architect are on each other. Building a home and understanding what the architect is trying to achieve is key.

Architects strive to create a house that stretches ones imagination. Simple or unique materials, unusual angles and forms and something out of nothing, it’s these aspects, as the project involves, give us a sense of achievement and pride.

However, where there is a something new or a beautiful detail, there is always a certain amount of thought and design by the architect. To bring it to life and make it technically durable, you’ll need a builder who is passionate with a strong technical ability to find solutions with the architect.

Often, once the house plans are complete, the architect will not have such a prominent part to play and it’s over to your builder to bring the architects and customers vision to life. The homeowner needs to be guided through “the build process” and there are many aspects to it.

Your builder are experience and confident that we can deliver the very highest standard of workmanship and communication.

In 2015 were looking to connect with more architects. If you’re an Architect or designer and you are looking for a passionate team of high end builders to work with you on future projects, we would love to hear from you.

All the best in 2015.

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