Mozeley Ave, Devonport

Architect: Michael Macfie
Company: Macfie Architecture

Interior designer: Margaux Word
Company: Chroma Interiors 
Chroma Interiors — Interior & Spatial Design Studio

A Seamless Renovation Journey

The Devonport Villa renovation was a collaborative masterpiece that unfolded through a serendipitous connection between owner James Ellis, architect Michael Macfie of Macfie Architecture, and the skilled team at Chroma Interiors. With the owners based in Korea throughout the project’s timeline, meticulous planning and detailed coordination were paramount to ensuring a seamless renovation journey.

Under the discerning guidance of Margaux from Chroma Interiors, a vision of beautiful, clean, and light minimalistic design was meticulously brought to life, culminating in a breathtaking finish that left a lasting impression. The fusion of interior design selections and architectural details seamlessly creates a harmonious living space that exudes sophistication and elegance.

Your Builder’s exceptional project management, clear communication, and impeccable craftsmanship further reinforced the project’s success. These essential elements were pivotal in realising the shared vision and ensuring a smooth and successful renovation process.

The renovation of the Devonport Villa transcended beyond a mere project; it was a deeply rewarding experience that celebrated the collective passion for design and craftsmanship. Witnessing the transformation of the villa into a sanctuary of beauty and excellence was not only satisfying but also a testament to the joy that comes from collaborative creativity and dedication to creating spaces that inspire and delight.