Laingholm Renovation

Architect: Linda Slaney
Company: Linda Slaney Architects ltd

Interior designer: Kate Gardham
Company: Suede & Stone

Bush Tranquillity Renovation 

This Laingholm home renovation transformation project stands as a hallmark of collaborative creativity and meticulous design by architect Linda Slaney and award-winning interior designer Kate Gardham from Suede & Stone Interiors; the project was a fusion of architectural vision and aesthetic finesse.

Owner Carl Olsen, a professional chef passionate about functionality and style, sought a dream kitchen and layout overlooking the vast Waitakere bush reserve. Nestled in the picturesque setting of Laingholm amidst lush bush surroundings, the project provided a serene backdrop for creativity to flourish.

The project showcased the expertise and skill of the professionals involved and symbolised a collective effort towards creating a truly exceptional living space. Our Laingholm home renovation project is a testament to our dedication, innovation, and pride of the entire team, marking a milestone in their portfolio of accomplishments.