Construction Project Management


Because we know that your ultimate goal is to achieve the very best practical and cost-efficient solution for your project, our construction management system is designed with this one goal in mind. To build your home with you in mind.

We use the pre-eminent project management system, Your Builder Hub. This system gives you the confidence that all aspects of your project will be fully managed with complete transparency, 24/7. You will find everything relevant to your project in one place. This includes, costings, timelines, material inventories, suppliers and sub-contractor quotations, change orders, progress photos, and your full communication trail.
The very best outcomes for any custom construction project occur when there is an intelligent construction project management system in place. One that is in combination with expert construction knowledge and craftsmanship.

How does Co Construct Work?

High levels of planning and communication are brought together within the Your Builder Hub. First of all, we ensure that all participants in your project, e.g. architects, interior designers, engineers, and of course yourself are brought into the project. And as a result are delivered the right information at the right time to achieve cost efficiency and schedule achievements.

Our construction project management system gives you immediate notice of any approved change orders and updates the impact of these on the overall project cost.

Because construction project management in Auckland is often affected by external factors (e.g. weather, traffic, availability) the integration of all participants in the one project management system ensure these factors are minimized.

Get an introduction to Your Builder Hub here (link)

In addition, our motivated and experienced team (an important key in managing your construction project), our good rapport with the council and our large network of like-minded professionals built up over the years ensure delivery of a fantastic construction project.


Access all your renovation information in one place, anytime. Emails, photos, drawings, schedule and a up to date project cost including all the variations as they happen.


View this information at ease from any smartphone, iPad laptop or computer 24/7. No more lost emails, no more unanswered questions, or he said, she said. Cost variations approved by you, online before the work gets done.


The new generation is here and we believe we must take advantage of the tools available today to provide a leading edge service. Eliminate any doubt and unnecessary stress. We’re really proud of this client friendly management hub, so much so that we guarantee you’ll love it too. View our video demonstration below for more information or fill in the consultation form to see how we can help you on your next project.

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