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At Your Builder we love beautifully designed and interesting designer homes. So we pay attention to the role of the architect. We understand that building or renovating a designer home is a journey and should be a fantastic one. Architects focus on architectural plans and house designs and often represent the first part of the building journey. They are creative and have a lot to do before we can even start building.

When we meet people excited about their house design, we know that the architect involved is special.

However, the more complex the project the more dependent the builder and the architect are on each other. Knowing what the architect is trying to achieve is key.

Architects strive to stretch the imagination with simple or unique materials, unusual angles and forms to create something different in your designer home. As a result, delivering these aspects give us a sense of achievement and pride.


These details require thought and skill in the design element and a technically able house builder to bring it all together for a durable and exciting result. Once the plans are complete the architect may not play such a prominent part and so it is over to your builder to bring the vision to life.

Your Builder has strong connections with existing architects and draftsmen to assist with this process. We can bridge the gap between architect and builder. Our team has the experience and ability to work with yourselves or architect to deliver the very highest standards of workmanship in house design Auckland.

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