A Country Barn Waitoki


A Country Barn Waitoki

It seems just like yesterday, when Myrthe and myself returned back to New Zealand, after a wonderful 10 year stint in the Netherlands. It was finally time to return home and reconnect with New Zealand and all of it’s quirky traditions and beautiful coastlines.

At long last I thought, I will get the chance to build a barn style home on a rural block and recapture the farming lifestyle I was all so familiar with.
However, as soon as that thought had landed, Myrthe said, “You’ve brought me to New Zealand. Is that not country enough?”

My train of thought went from 180 to 0 in seconds – literally! I had fallen for a Dutch girl who just loved the city and all it had to offer. She felt most comfortable when walking amongst the crowds and stepping in between the people on the crowded Dutch beaches.

So the rural dream was put on hold, not forgotten but definitely on hold. To be honest, since that point I was hopeful that time, would be the key factor, in changing her mind.

11 years on, 11 years of living in New Zealand suburbs, we received a text from a friend proposing a block of land in Waitoki that had been on the market for quite sometime. Always keen for a country walk, the girls jumped into their gummies and the rest is history.

We totally fell in love with this property and the long process of selling our existing home, resource consent to subdivide the new property had finally begun.
22 acres of the most beautiful native bush, we couldn’t be more excited about embarking on this family vision and although it will progress over the next 1.5 years, it all seems worth while when it’s a project for oneself.

And so our project begins, with this short video of the first stage of tree felling 2200 hundred pines trees to open the two building sites up for the sun to come through. This stage will take between 2-3 months as it’s a tricky site within a SEA area with the most spectacular native bush.

We’ll keep you up to date as we progress through this 18 month project, where we will be building our dream barn style home, perched on top of the ridgeline, exposed to all the elements!

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